Orthodontics - Activity

The academic programme for undergraduates and postgraduates includes problem based learning, case based learning, wire bending skills, seminars and journal clubs and academic deliberations in power point format utilizing state of the art projectors and visualizers.  

Distinguished Facilities

  1.     Well equipped store room.
  2.     Patient record room, where an electronic search provides a mammoth of information for problem based learning and research purposes for post graduate  
        and undergraduate students of the department.
  3.     Computerized patient entry through electronic data base and entirely enabled Wi-Fi for easy access.
  4.     Software for patient education.
  5.     Department library collection including the latest books, theses, seminars and educational DVD's.
  6.     Photographs at each treatment stage is taken and stored in digital format.  Photography museum showcases our departments evolution in photography.
  7.     High standards of infection control.
  8.     Latest lab equipments.
  9.     Excellent audiovisual systems
  10.     Fully equipped computer work station.
  11.     Collaboration with other educational institutes for research purposes.

Services Offered

  1.     Removable appliances
  2.     Growth modulation
  3.     Fixed functional appliances
  4.     Intra oral molar distalization
  5.     Expansion appliances
  6.     Begg & PEA fixed appliances
  7.     Invisalign therapy
  8.     Lingual orthodontic appliance
  9.     Temporary anchorage devices

Compassion & Care
We not only charge regular patients nominally, but we bring out our experience and show our care by treating cleft patients and syndrome cases free of cost.

Multidisciplinary Patient Care :  We believe in holistic approach towards patient care and do not limit our thinking only towards orthodontic treatment. Necessary referrals are made to concerned departments and to medical hospital. Special referrals are also made to ENT, Pediatric and Skin departments.

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