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This department caters to the oral health needs of children from the stage of infancy to the age of 14 yrs. Prevention and interception of oral diseases and malocclusions are supplemented with correction and management of the same by advocating follow up programs that monitor the outcome of the treatment rendered. Total oral rehabilitation is undertaken for each and every child that reports to our department to enhance their overall oral health status. Various age appropriate behavior management techniques are advocated to deliver quality dental treatment in a safe and humane manner. Also it is ensured that parents and children are provided with an opportunity to engage in positive oral hygiene behaviours and implement them in their daily life.

Clinics Introduction

The ambience of our clinic is such that it is pleasant and receptive to the childs’ young mind, by incorporating colorful posters, cartoon characters and fish tanks. Apart from this, we can proudly say that our department is well equipped with highly advanced technology so as to facilitate an efficient and appropriate training to the budding dentists of the future. The department is divided into a post graduate clinic and an undergraduate clinic.

Postgraduate Clinic

World - renowned Hu - friedy instruments and Dentaurum made units are used in the department with sixteen kavo chairs. The clinic has various sterilizing units like autoclave, glass bead sterilizer, steam jet hand piece sterilizing unit for continued sterilization for the patient and operators safety. Twelve post-graduates work in the department for nine hours a day attending to O.P.D. The duration of training course for the postgraduates is for 3 years. Postgraduates undergo pre-clinical training for 6 months that includes basic wire bending exercises, soldering and welding exercises, conservative and endodontic exercises, wax carvings, fixed and removable appliances. Preventive treatment strategies ranging from  topical fluoride application, pits and fissure sealants and preventive resin restorations are undertaken with utmost sincerity. Specialized restorations such as composite resin restorations, stainless steel crowns are done on a routine basis Also minor surgical procedures are also performed as and when the need arises. Innovative teaching protocols include the implementation of adoption program that monitors the growth and development of the child adopted into the program every six months, till the child attains the age of 14. Primordial prevention has been exploited in its fullest sense by the implementation of the anticipatory guidance program for the expectant mother. Another outstanding highlight of our training regimen is the incorporation of cleft pedodontics in our postgraduate curriculum. The students are trained and certified in nasoalveolar moulding which is a unique presurgical treatment modality provided to a child born with cleft lip and palate. The fact that all children cannot be treated in the same conventional manner has been adequately recognized, therefore dental therapeutic needs are provided under conscious sedation for differently abled children and those with special health care needs. To best equip the postgraduates with the theoretical knowledge, seminars, symposiums, journal clubs, problem based learning and question paper discussions are conducted on a daily basis. During each journal club, interesting case reports, newer treatment modalities and articles of such interest are presented with audio-visual aids, followed by healthy discussion upon the topic. Various continuing dental education programs on the latest technological advancements such as SAF- self adjusting files, NAM are conducted every six months to update our treatment methods. Every postgraduate student is required to conduct a short term research and publish the same in a reputed journal. Also as a part of the curriculum each postgraduate student has to submit a thesis for the partial fulfillment of Rajiv Gandhi University of Health and Sciences course criteria. Every dissertation study is carried out under the direct supervision of the respective guide.

Undergraduate Clinic

The undergraduate clinic caters to simple restorations, oral prophylaxis, pits and fissure sealants to topical application of fluorides. The input for the Out Patient Department ranges from 20-25 per day. The clinic includes twenty dental chairs and a separate equipment and sterilization bay. Seminars and group discussions on relevant topics are conducted on a regular basis. Preclinical training includes basic wire bending exercises, wax carvings and removable oral appliance. Good clinical exposure is mandatory, as theoretical knowledge does not suffice. Demonstrations for various clinical procedures are also provided to the students and to extract the best out of each student, individual supervision is given. School dental health program is another arena of the pedodontic training program in which the undergraduate students are expected to excel. In addition to all this, dental treatment camps are organized for the students to participate in, not withholding the knowledge within the walls of the college.

Finally, we believe in the general belief that says, "Every child has a fundamental right to his total oral health". The society has an obligation to fulfill this faith and so do we at this department.

The students are trained in Naso Alveolar Moulding which is a unique pre-surgical treatment modality provided to a child born with Cleft lip and palate. A multidisciplinary approach where in our Department provides a feeding plate as an obturator till the stage of Surgical intervention.

Minor surgical procedures such as Exodontia, Frenectomy, Excision of oral lesions, Incision and Drainage procedures are performed in our Department.

Undergraduate students have theory classes as well as seminars, project works and discussions are held on a regular basis.
To best equip the postgraduates with the theoretical knowledge, seminars, symposiums, journal clubs, problem-based learning and question paper discussions are conducted on a daily basis.

1.    Pediatric Endodontics.
2.    Preventive and Interceptive Orthodontics.
3.    Preventive Dentistry.
4.    Conscious Sedation.
5.    Laser assisted Dental Procedures.
6.    Hospital based Pediatric Dentistry.
7.    Minor Surgical Procedures.
8.    Esthetic Dentistry.
9.    Pre-surgical management of cleft lip and palate patients.
10.    Infant Oral Health Care.
11.    Diet Counselling.
12.    School Health Programs.
13.    Peripheral Heath Centers.
14.    Dental Management of Special Children.

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