Oral Surgery - Activity

The department has three sections to it catering to all the needs of the patient may it be simple exodontias, minor oral surgery or major Maxillofacial surgery

Clinics Introduction
The department is divided into undergraduate clinic, post graduate clinic Major operation theatre and In-patient wards

Postgraduate Clinic
World renowned Hu-Friedy instruments are used in the department with eight state of art dental chairs. The clinic has a central suction and oxygen unit. The clinic also has central autoclave bay for continued sterilization for patient and operator safety. Twelve postgraduates work in the department round the clock attending to inpatient) minor surgical work and also to the OPD. Two nursing staff assist the postgraduates in this regard.

Undergraduate Clinic
The undergraduate clinic caters to the basic exodontia. Batches from the third and the final year of B.D.S are posted in the morning and afternoon sessions. The input from the OPD ranges from 50 to 75 patients per day. Staff and clinical assistants working in the department guide the students. The clinic includes nine dental chairs and a separate sterilization bay.

Major Operation Theatre
The department enjoys the facility of having an exclusive theatre own which functions on all the working days with the entire spectrum of Maxillofacial cases being treated. It has been divided into the theatre main, anesthesia & pain clinic, autoclave room stores and a recovery room. A CD AUDIO SYSTEM for the convenience of the operating surgeon is a recent acquisition. The operating lights are imported from FRANCE (Angineux), which enables multiple operations to be carried out simultaneously. Anesthesia is administered through a MARK III BOYLES unit with MECHANICAL VENTILATORS. HP PULSE OMMETRY and CAPNOGRAPHY units are additional aids in patient monitoring during the procedure. The theatre has the latest lighting system & CENTRALIZED AIR CONDITIONING. The recovery room has a HP DEFIBRILLATOR to manage any unlikely turn during postoperative recovery.

In-Patient Wards
The in-patient wards have at present 10 beds with two special rooms, which are almost fully occupied at any given time. Expansion of the present capacity is a moot point and will be a reality in the near future. Fully trained nursing staffs at all times in shifts monitor the wards. Two on-call duty doctors will be present round the clock to attend to any emergency that arrives at all odd hours. The wards too have a central oxygen and vacuum supply for good post operative monitoring and for ease in postoperative care of the patient. It also has a duty doctors room and a Nursing staff room for those on call for the night.

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