Dr. Shamanur Shivashankarappa Hon. Secretary
Bapuji Educational Association

Sri S. S Mallikarjun Hon. Joint Secretary
Bapuji Educational Association

President's Message


Dear Alumnus,
Warm greetings from the office of Bapuji Dental College alumni. The primary objective of our Alumni Association is to strengthen alumni relations between students and its alumni, while promoting and considering the best interest of the institute.
This is the second issue of International Journal of Oral Health Sciences, under Medknow Publications. It is available in both online and print (on demand) versions. The essential purpose of our journal is to inform, engage and inspire a diverse readership - including alumni, faculty, students, and fellow colleagues from other institutions. In the originality of its conception and commitment to accuracy, healthy discourse and editorial balance, the magazine endeavours to reflect the values and the quality of the institution itself. I am happy that our alumni members have been generously contributing their expertise to our journal.
The Alumni Meet, 2013 was a grand success and I would like to thank all the members who had participated and volunteered to make this event a truly memorable experience. Alumni members are one of the most important stakeholders of college and lifelong family members. No institution can grow big without the help of its alumni. Thank you all.
Many of the benefits we get from college are intangible and the success we reap later in life goes back to our very foundations, our alma mater. As mentioned in the previous issue of IJOHS, it would be wonderful to have the esteemed alumni contributing to our mother institution in sustaining the quality and supporting the next generation of students and alumni.
I congratulate the Editorial Team for their sincerity and wisdom depicted in choosing the right articles and ensuring the publication is on time.

Hon.Secretary's Message

Dr. Ali I.M.

Dear Alumni,
Wish you all a Happy and Healthy New year 2018
As the Hon. Secretary of the Alumni association it gives me an immense pleasure to address you all through this issue of IJOHS. IJOHS has taken a new form and we hope that you find it informative and that it encourages you to remain connected to your Alma mater.  My tenure as the Hon secretary of this association is coming to an end. It was a nice experience that is both challenging and personally enriching. I hope I have done justice to this post assigned to me and all the members of the BEAUIDEAL along with the Office bearers worked with great enthusiasm in conducting the activities of the association. The experience of our alumni members and their willingness to assist can provide the continuity which is so important to the BEAUIDEAL well-being.
My sincere thanks to our beloved chairman and the Hon secretary Dr.Shamanur shivashankarappa and the Joint secretary, Sri.S.S. Mallikarjun and all the other members of the Bapuji Educational Association for their encouragement and support.
One of the milestones in my tenure as Hon secretary is the development of new web site for the BEAUIDEAL and the Grand success of 2013 alumni meet.  The progress described herein represent the work of  hundreds of  Students, staff and Administrative staff  in an atmosphere of excitement and spirit of cooperation dedicated to strengthening the BEAUIDEAL . I hope they will all accept my thanks, not only for what they have done, but for what they will continue to do.
I thank each one of you for your loyal support to BEAUIDEAL.   We enjoy meeting you and hearing from you! We hope to meet you in this campus .come and cherish your good old memories of those Golden periods of your student life at BDCH.
Thank you once again.



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